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Since 1985, our mission has remained the same. We aim to provide full-service sales and marketing at all levels to the manufacturers who have entrusted us with their reputation and the retailers who rely on us to provide them with value-added services. We proudly represent the retailers who have put their faith in us, and it is our intention to bring a professional enthusiastic approach to this business. With each of the retailers and manufacturers we partner with, we make it a point to build a long-lasting and solid foundation of business that can be sustained and grow every year. We reinvest in our manufacturers and retailers to ensure our loyalty to our customers.


Tri-State Sales & Service is an independent sales and consulting company based in the southwest suburbs of Chicago. We have been servicing the Northern Illinois and Eastern Wisconsin areas, representing companies in the decorative lighting and home furnishings area for more than 20 years.


Tri-State Sales & Service operates on a sales platform parallel to that of the ISO standards. We have been recognized for outstanding performance and professionalism.